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马跃卡举办Balu大师工作坊 Workshop with Mestre Balu

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2024年06月马跃卡举办Balu大师工作坊 June Workshop with Mestre Balu – Capoeira Maloca

Capoeira Maloca Workshop with Mestre Balu
June 15th ~ 17th


Welcome to the Workshop with Mestre Balu, hosted by Capoeira Maloca in Shanghai in June 2024! We are excited to invite you to 3 days full of workshops, rodas and music classes. No matter your level or group, everyone is welcome to attend as much as they want. It’s an excellent opportunity to deepen your Capoeira skills, connect with fellow practitioners, and experience the vibrant energy of the Capoeira community.


Workshop Details 工作坊细节

    The workshops encompass a variety of activities, including Rodas, traditional Capoeira classes, and Music classes.


    Each workshop are 300 RMB


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巴西战舞经验 Capoeira Experience
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