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Batizado 2023 – Capoeira Maloca

Capoeira Maloca Batizado 2023 in Shanghai

Welcome to the 2023 Annual Batizado hosted by Capoeira Maloca in Shanghai! We are excited to invite you to a 2 weeks full of workshops, rodas, music classes, and the Batizado celebration. No matter your level or group, everyone is welcome to attend as much as they want. It’s an excellent opportunity to deepen your Capoeira skills, connect with fellow practitioners, and experience the vibrant energy of the Capoeira community.

欢迎参加由上海巴西战舞马跃卡主办的2023年度升级以试庆典!我们非常兴奋地邀请您参加为期两周的训练、 好打、音乐课程和升级仪式庆典。无论您的水平或来自哪个组织,我们欢迎每个人的到来。这是一个绝佳的机会,让您深化巴西战舞技巧,建立与其他练习者的联系,并体验巴西战舞社群的活力。

Workshop Details 工作坊细节

    The workshops encompass a variety of activities, including Rodas, traditional Capoeira classes, and Music classes.


  • 1 workshop: ¥320 /workshop
  • 2 workshops: ¥300 /workshop
  • 3 workshops: ¥275 /workshop
  • 4 workshops: ¥250 /workshop
  • 5 workshops: ¥240 /workshop
  • 6 workshops: ¥240 /workshop
  • 7 workshops: ¥240 /workshop

Batizado Details 升级仪式细节

    Friday will kick off the Batizado weekend, with a workshop and opening roda in the evening, followed by full days of workshops, music classes, and rodas on Saturday and Sunday, where everyone gets to learn and play!


  • 1-day Batizado: ¥770
  • 2-day Batizado: ¥1045
  • 3-day Batizado: ¥1045

As a special gift, everyone attending the Batizado will receive a free t-shirt of the event (select your size in the registration form).

作为特别的礼物,所有参加升级仪式的人将获得一件免费的活动纪念T恤 (请在注册表格中选择您的尺码)。

Special Promo 特价

Full Batizado + all workshops:¥2300


Select below your level so you can find the timetable matching your experience:


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