Capoeira for Kids

Capoeira is great for kids. It combines martial arts, gymnastics, music and dance and provides a fun challenging workout. Capoeira is also a great tool to develop coordination, since its movements involve the entire body. Thanks to its music component, children also learn to sing in Portuguese and play the traditional Capoeira instruments. Introducing fun kids games where the elements of capoeira are incorporated, children learn many important skills including discipline, self confidence and respect.

Kids classes every Saturday from 3:15pm-4:30pm on Yan’An Xi lu n.358, 3rd floor (near Nanjing Xi Lu)

Contact email:

Brazilian Carnival at Bar Rouge this Saturday

Brazilian Carnival at Bar Rouge this Saturday

5th March 2011 from 12, Bar Rouge

On the the same day of the Brazilian Carnival…. We will celebrate it as well !!!

When it’s winter – cold and grey and our mood is getting low, there is one place where the sun shines, and the world’s most colorful get underway.

Samba dancers, Capoera  Capirinha and  the most popular Brazilian songs followed by the most famous house Brazilian remixes!

The place is Brazil and the party is Carnival.Who doesn’t dream of going there?? “Sambando in Ipanema” (Trying to dance the samba ;)) drinking caipirinha…well close your eyes and imagine being there…open them now and read:

March 5th Bar rouge will host the biggest Brazilian Carnival that Shanghai has ever seen:
Samba dancers, live performers, Bossanova and lots of happy music!
So prepare your costume and your smile and be ready to join the brazilian community…


Performance on Saturday, June 13th

Hello everyone!

We will be performing at the LGBT Pride event on Saturday, June 13th at the Cotton’s on Xinhua Lu (294 Xinhua Lu, near Fanyu Lu).

They’re expecting around 500 people to attend, so it will be a great opportunity for us to promote capoeira … and it should also be lots of fun! We’re on at 3 – please wear your whites, bring your instruments and lots of energy. We can all go together to class at Zhongshan Park afterwards.

Please confirm with me that you can attend 🙂


Cheap berimbau bag in Shanghai

UPDATE (January 8, 2012): Location corrections and changes.

If you want to get a simple, stylish and cheap bag for your berimbau (Diego, Macaquinho and I already have one), with a special section for the cabaça, you can have it made to order in a Chinese market’s stall (baazaar) located in Lanxi lu (near Caoyang lu). It’s just 25 yuan !

Address: CaoYang TieLu NongMao ShiChang, Lanxi lu 55 (near Caoyang lu). Caoyang Lu metro station.
曹杨铁路农贸市场, 兰溪路55号 (近曹杨路), 曹杨路地铁张.
See updated information here.

Map: GoogleMaps, or eDuShi (3d map)

You can go there by metro, line 3, CaoYang lu station, exit no.3.

Even if you can speak neither Mandarin nor Shanghainese, I have put a picture of the bag on the shop’s wall, so you can just point at it and A-yi will make it for you.

You can also call A-yi (6210696) or her son (15921716705) on the phone to order in Mandarin or Shanghainese.

Thanks Requebra for the help