Halloween roda 2012

Halloween roda 2012 at Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai

This year our Halloween Roda has been amazing!

A lot of students came in costumes bringing great positive axe’.

Check out the photos and have fun!

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From Gata with Love

Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai Batizado 2010My lovely capoeiristas!!

Thank you so much to be with me and appear in such a right moment of my life in China. Capoeira is like life philosophy which actually doesnt teach you what to do but leads you somehow into a right way.

And even though we dont know what is right or wrong way capoeira let me and us enjoy every moment with music and rhytm.

Answering on our dear contra mestre Cipo’s question what capoeira is for me us, I can say that its all about people and beautiful spirit. So, thanks to all people of our group, they supported me so much. Special appreciation our personal italian capoeira teacher Diego and capoeira guru Mandinga Cipo!

Enjoy of massive batizado week!!!
Love you!!!


Miss train but not roda…

Kunshan capoeira trip. Should be at 9am, but train had not been waiting for me.

Even though it started later for me, I did not miss the main thing – RODA.

Special roda. Our strong team of capoeira beginners got the light green belts.

Open air, smell of green grass and genius capoeristas made this trip very cool.


Kunshan capoeira Trip / Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai

Capoeira Mandinga Promo

Check out our promotional video and pictures:



Contact Diego: capoeirashanghai@yahoo.com

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form that mixes music, dance and gymnastics with its fighting components. Its beauty, fluidity and explosive gravity-defying movements have taken the world by storm. Capoeiristas can be found in movies, television ads, music concerts (Cantonese pop star Denise Ho hired Axe Capoeira’s Professor Berimbau to choreograph a Hong Kong show), and video games (Capoeira Mandinga’s founder, Mestre Marcelo, was the model for Tekken’s Eddie Gordo – one of the greatest video game characters of all time).

This Saturday: Bring your Batizado pictures

Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai Batizado. Photo by Elena Kilina.
Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai Batizado. Photo by Elena Kilina.

Oi Camaras,

This saturday after our massive O’Malley show, Chupa Teta and I are going to collect pictures you may have taken during Batizado/workshop so please bring your camera/SD card/usb flash drive and give us your nicest (we will have a laptop).

We will sort the pictures and post it on the website, for sure the more picture we have the better the selection will be!

Muito Obrigado!

Well done CM Espeto!

Mestre Espeto and Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai (July, 2009)
Thank you all for the great participation to this workshop!
Your energy has been amazing and CM Espeto, Cocada and Cobra had a lot of fun.
We are lucky to have such a friend like CM Espeto.

— Guerreiro

Whatever the conditions – whether humidity, sweat, hard floors, changing of training rooms, it is a privilege to have Espeto work his magic when delivering the workshop. Something for everyone – techniques, music and most importantly fun!

Welcome you back anytime and with more of your Osaka camaras! Obrigado!

— Tartaruga on behalf of Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai

It’s always a pleasure to have espeto in shanghai, and it was great to have cocada and cobra here too!
I hope they all come back soon.

— Dave “Trombada”

Again muitos obrigados for this workshop, it always a pleasure to have such great capoeiristas with us !
Massive Axé

— Virtual

It was an absolute pleasure to attend this workshop with CM Espeto and his awesome students Cocada and Cobra. I had a lot of fun, but most importantly I learned a lot from Espeto, both in terms of movements and the way to approach learning difficult or new ones. I am officially a fan of Forca de Arte and will make it a point to visit them some time next year and train with them some more. Thank you so much CM Espeto for coming over and imparting your knowledge, but also for the amazing attitude, patience and energy you brought! Thank you Cocada and Cobra for coming over and playing your beautiful games with us!

Diego, thanks a lot for bringing CM Espeto, organizing the event and in general for making all these wonderful experiences happen for us. You’re a genuine role model to us all.


— Morena