June 12th – 19th with CM Carcará

contra mestre carcara

Contra Mestre Carcará will be in Shanghai giving classes from the 11th until the 20th of June (classes with him from the 12th until the 19th), it’s going to be a massive 8 days capoeira week!


Important information about our classes

Oi Camaras!

This Thursday there will be our last class in the gym in Zhongshan Park! We’ll do our last roda there. I would like to see everyone there for a last tribute to our beloved gym. After we might go to the Xinjiang restaurant and order the whole lamb…

This Saturday 1st of August at 5:00pm class will be in a gym near Zhongshan Park.
Address is: n.299 Xuanhua Lu (near Dingxi Lu), Bld. 4. (una tantum: it’s only for this Saturday).

Starting from Monday 3rd of August classes will take place in the gym in Kangding Lu (address and map is here).
The only difference with the old schedule will be Wednesday (we’ll start at 8:00pm instead of 8:15pm) and Saturday (we’ll start 4:30pm instead of 5:00pm).

Should you have any doubt, read again this post.

We’re still looking for a venue starting from September so please keep your eyes opened!


Capoeira trip to Brazil has been canceled

Unfortunately we have to announce the cancellation of the Brazil trip we were planning to have for July of this year. Due to this international crisis we are starting to notice a very low number of enrolment of people in all kinds of capoeira event. The capoeirando in Ilheus which normaly holds around 500 people this year had only 60! Considering that many of the participants of our event would be coming from USA, Europe and Asia (which are the most financially affected areas) and based on the response we have had up until now we think that canceling it is the best to to at the moment.

I apologise for the people that were already commited and want to tell you that if you are still planning to go ahead with your trip plans I will help you to connect with other events that will be happening in Brazil around that time.

On the other hand I am seriousely studing the possibility doing a small encounter at the California Brazil Camp in Cazadero this year and am already announcing an event that will take place in Ubatuba Brazil next year the weekend after carnival of 2010. That will be a music, dance and capoeira master camp. More info. Will be posted here in time.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Mestre Marcelo

New Brazilian action movie “Besouro” (Beetle)


“Beetle” tells the “true story” of Besouro, a Capoeira master living in 1920s Brazil. The film’s title comes from the name Besouro Manganga, which is a large and dark species of maybug.

According to legends surrounding the historical figure, Besouro was known to vanish whenever he was faced with an uneven fight. This grew into the myth that Besouro had supernatural powers and could dodge bullets and even turn himself into a beetle to scare his opponents.

More grounded details on Besouro suggest he was a rebellious migrant worker who frequently used his Capoeira skills to get into physical conflicts with landowners and police. He died in 1924 at the age of 27 after suffering stab wounds from a knife.

Ku Huan-chiu serves as action director. His credits include stunt doubling for Jet Li in “The Tai-Chi Master” and “Once upon a time in China and America”, as well as recent AD work on CJ7 and “THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR”, and also “Kill Bill”.

“Beetle”, a co-production between Buena Vista and Brazil’s Mixer and Globo Filmes is currently shooting.

For more details on Besouro Manganga visit Capoeira Sul Da Bahia San Francisco.

via kungfucinema and capoeira.com

BRAZIL: Afro-Brazilian Religions Battle New Threats

SALVADOR, Brazil, Jan 8 (IPS) – Millions of Brazilians usher in the new year by wading into the sea, dressed in white, scattering flowers on the water as an offering to the Afro-Brazilian deity Iemanjá, in return for her blessings for the year to come. But few of them realise that this tradition is rooted in a religion fighting for survival in the face of prejudice, racism and intolerance.

Mae Jaciara prepares typical Candomblé meal
Mae Jaciara prepares typical Candomblé meal

Jaciara Ribeiro dos Santos symbolises the counterattack launched by practitioners of Candomblé and other African-based religions, which have survived centuries of repression only to confront a new wave of attacks by fundamentalist Protestant churches.

Jaciara’s mother, Gildasia dos Santos, was better known as Mae Gilda (Mother Gilda) in her role as a “ialorixá” or Candomblé priestess. She lived in Salvador, capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, home to the country’s largest population of African descendants.

In September 1999, Mae Gilda saw her photograph printed in the Folha Universal, a daily newspaper published by the “neo-Pentecostal” Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, under a headline accusing her of being a “charlatan” and of endangering the “lives and wallets” of her followers.

Jaciara is convinced that her mother’s death by a heart attack several months later, at the age of 65, was a direct result of the psychological trauma caused by the slanderous attack.

The case drew widespread publicity, and January 21, the date of Mae Gilda’s death, was designated as the National Day Against Religious Intolerance, through a presidential decree adopted two years ago. Continue reading “BRAZIL: Afro-Brazilian Religions Battle New Threats”

Al Jazeera: Brazlian Bahia’s legacy of Capoeira


The Capoeira was created in Bahia by African slaves as a way to defend themselves from abuse, a skill disguised as a pseudo-dance ritual to fool their masters.

Today there are Capoeira schools all over Brazil and the world, but especially in Bahia, where slaves were first brought to America, as a way of expressing black pride and keeping their history and culture alive.

Lucia Newman reports.

Combo Niños: Cartoon about Capoeira


Combo Niños revolves around four kids who can transform into animal-inspired superheroes. Serio turns into a jaguar, Paco becomes a bull, Pilar morphs into an iguana and Azul takes on the appearance of an eagle. Combining their magical skills with moves inspired by the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, they protect their beautiful, ancient city of Nova Nizza from the Divinos, mischievous, madcap immortals from another dimension.

Continue reading “Combo Niños: Cartoon about Capoeira”

New fighting game — “Martial Arts: Capoeira”

Developed by: Twelve Interactive
Release Date: Q2 2009
Genre: Fighting

Sport and RPG elements have been combined with traditional fighting game mechanics to offer unrivalled realism and challenging brutal gameplay. Train until you sweat blood to increase skills such as endurance, speed, leg and arm strength. Then when you think you’re ready, take part in underground street fights for cold, hard cash. Become one with your character via the complex control system mapped to hundreds of real motion-captured Capoeira moves and strive to earn the right to call yourself the most powerful Capoeira fighter in the world!

Continue reading “New fighting game — “Martial Arts: Capoeira””

Welcome to Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai’s Website!

Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai (China, 中国)

The first Capoeira Mandinga group in China!

Join a class

Composed by a dynamic group of capoeira enthusiasts from all over the globe. Within our group there are different levels of capoeira, so beginners are always welcome, as well as everyone else! Classes are held weeknights and Saturday afternoon.


Weather permitting, CMS holds open rodas in Zhongshan Park. Additionally, we hold more formal performances upon request. If you would like to have us perform at your event, please visit the events page. For a full list of past and future events, please visit the Events page.


On September 19th-21st, CMS successfully held China’s first Batizado. CMS is excited about the success of this event. We would like to thank the visiting Instrutors, Contra Mestres and Mestre Marcelo. Contratulations to all the Capoeiristas who were baptized and received their Cordao. Last but not least, thanks to our sponsors, without which this event could not have happened. Don’t forget for check out videos and photos from this event!

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