Capoeira Movie Sunday: “Mestre Bimba: Capoeira Iluminada”

Capoeira Movie Sunday: "Mestre Bimba: Capoeira Illuminada"

This Sunday, January 12th, at 2 pm we will meet for watching a capoeira documentary “Mestre Bimba: Capoeira Iluminada”. Everybody is welcome, so tell your friends if they’re interested in understanding more about capoeira.

About the movie:

One of the best pieces of work showing the life of Mestre Bimba and his work with Capoeira Regional. The interviews with his former students, now Mestres, are full of history and great information. The bonus features with his son Mestre Nenel are priceless. This video is a must for any serious Capoeirista who understands the value of history in the art we practice today.

Language: It’s in Portuguese with English subtitles, and someone will help translating into Chinese the key parts.

Venue: Jojo Kebab, 1321 Yuyuan Lu, near Dingxi Lu (Metro: Zhongshan park, exit 5 on line 2). 愚园路1321号, 近定西路

Video of the day: Roda/Participacao do Mestre Bimba


1954, Roda of Capoeira, one of the oldest film about Capoeira, with the participation Traíra, Curió, Nagé, Waldemar, Caiçara, Crispim, Bugalho and Mestre Bimba.

Uploader’s comment:

This for me is one of the most emotional feeling I ever felt! Enjoy it, Capoeira Lovers!

About third rule of Bimba


Moral: Remember rules of Mestre Bimba, especially rule no.3:

  1. Quit smoking.
  2. Quit drinking, alcohol is bad for your metabolism.
  3. Do not show off your progresses to your friends outside the roda. Hold them back and surprise people with them in a fight.
  4. Avoid conversation while training. Be quiet while in the academy and, by observing the other fighters, learn more.
  5. Always practice the ginga.
  6. Practice the fundamental exercises daily.
  7. Do not be afraid to get close to your opponent. The closer your keep, the more you will learn.
  8. Keep your body relaxed.
  9. It is better to get beat up in the roda than on the streets.