Capoeira Trip to Brazil in 2010 / Ubatuba Brasil Camp 2010

Capoeira Trip to Brazil 2010 / Ubatuba Brasil Camp 2010An Event with some of the Greatest capoeira teachers in the world (mestres/contra-mestres Brasilia, Cabello, Kibe and others). In the middle of Ubatuba paradize (Brazilian Hawaii) in colaboration with a music and dance camp with some of the most famous musitians (Hermeto Pascoal, Jovino dos Santos, Jorge Alabê and others).

This will be a combination of permaculture learning and practice event where students will have the opportunity to practice environmentally correct building and living situations in the middle of a training facility built in the jungle of Ubatuba. Walking distance to beautiful waterfall, river and beaches.


More info on Facebook.

SPACE LIMITED!!! Price includes all classes room and board for all the 9 days at a nice hotel and ground transportation from and to the São Paulo airport:

Price: USD$750 (if paid before Dec. 1st) after USD$950

Mail checks or money order to:

Capoeira Mandinga Brazil Camp
4096 Piedmont Ave # 612
Oakland, CA 94611-5221

Soon you will be able to sign up on line at our Mandinga website at:

Note: Space for this event is limited. Sign up ASAP.

See some of Ubatuba: or

Other related activities that we will do there are:

Capoeira trip to Brazil has been canceled

Unfortunately we have to announce the cancellation of the Brazil trip we were planning to have for July of this year. Due to this international crisis we are starting to notice a very low number of enrolment of people in all kinds of capoeira event. The capoeirando in Ilheus which normaly holds around 500 people this year had only 60! Considering that many of the participants of our event would be coming from USA, Europe and Asia (which are the most financially affected areas) and based on the response we have had up until now we think that canceling it is the best to to at the moment.

I apologise for the people that were already commited and want to tell you that if you are still planning to go ahead with your trip plans I will help you to connect with other events that will be happening in Brazil around that time.

On the other hand I am seriousely studing the possibility doing a small encounter at the California Brazil Camp in Cazadero this year and am already announcing an event that will take place in Ubatuba Brazil next year the weekend after carnival of 2010. That will be a music, dance and capoeira master camp. More info. Will be posted here in time.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Mestre Marcelo

Capoeira Headlines #1 (2009/01/16)

“Capoeira Headlines” is a pilot project aiming in collecting the most interesting news from the world of Capoeira (and sometimes Brazil). The news would be published here on a monthly basis.

Please feel free to send any interesting links you found to us!

Today’s headlines:

  • In Blood: The Bacchae, Arcola Theatre, London
  • Capoeira: Everything in motion
  • 6th Annual Women’s Encounter
  • Looking Ahead to 2009 – Cautious Optimism in Brazil

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Capoeira trip to Brazil in 2009 / Brasil trip 2009

Here’s a message from our Mestre.

Once again we will have a two weeks Capoeira trip to Brazil in the beautiful tropical town of Ubatuba on the north coast of São Paulo from July 26 to August 2nd where we will have some great mestres from different parts of Brazil. Than we head up to Itacaré, South of Bahia to mestre Cabelo’s event from August 3rd to 9th.

The cost of each of the events individually will be $600 and $1100 for both events. That includes ground transportation from the airport to the locations, room and board for the entire week of the event and all the classes with all the mestres. The air ticket will have to be purchased by the participants. All participants should plan to arrive at the São Paulo Cumbica airport (GRU) on July 26th in the morning and leave from São Paulo (Cumbica or Congonhas) to Ilhéus (South of Bahia) on Monday August 3rd in the afternoon.

A fifty percent payment must be made until April first and the remaining no later than July first. A payment plan through a financial company Members Solutions will be set for people to enroll on the events. The total cost of both the events will be divided in monthly payments starting from when you want to begin the first payment up until July first. Refunds are applicable in case you
decide to cancel your trip (a $50 penalty plus 10% charge of all made payments will apply as a cancellation fee). More details will be available later but please save the dates. Note: It is possible for people from counties other than the USA to get enrolled on the payment plan as long as they have an international credit card.

Check the links below to see the areas where the events will happening.

Muito axé and capoeira no pé!

Mestre Marcelo
PS. More detailed information will be posted at our website —

BRAZIL: Afro-Brazilian Religions Battle New Threats

SALVADOR, Brazil, Jan 8 (IPS) – Millions of Brazilians usher in the new year by wading into the sea, dressed in white, scattering flowers on the water as an offering to the Afro-Brazilian deity Iemanjá, in return for her blessings for the year to come. But few of them realise that this tradition is rooted in a religion fighting for survival in the face of prejudice, racism and intolerance.

Mae Jaciara prepares typical Candomblé meal
Mae Jaciara prepares typical Candomblé meal

Jaciara Ribeiro dos Santos symbolises the counterattack launched by practitioners of Candomblé and other African-based religions, which have survived centuries of repression only to confront a new wave of attacks by fundamentalist Protestant churches.

Jaciara’s mother, Gildasia dos Santos, was better known as Mae Gilda (Mother Gilda) in her role as a “ialorixá” or Candomblé priestess. She lived in Salvador, capital of the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, home to the country’s largest population of African descendants.

In September 1999, Mae Gilda saw her photograph printed in the Folha Universal, a daily newspaper published by the “neo-Pentecostal” Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, under a headline accusing her of being a “charlatan” and of endangering the “lives and wallets” of her followers.

Jaciara is convinced that her mother’s death by a heart attack several months later, at the age of 65, was a direct result of the psychological trauma caused by the slanderous attack.

The case drew widespread publicity, and January 21, the date of Mae Gilda’s death, was designated as the National Day Against Religious Intolerance, through a presidential decree adopted two years ago. Continue reading “BRAZIL: Afro-Brazilian Religions Battle New Threats”

BRAZIL: Transformation Through Art and Music

By Mario Osava

Credit:Mario Osava/IPS
Credit:Mario Osava/IPS

SÃO LUIS, Brazil, Dec 17 (IPS) – They call it an orchestra, but this atypical all-percussion group is far from featuring the range of musicians found in a conventional ensemble. Which does not mean that the music they make is not rich and varied, as the young amateur musicians produce an amazing array of sounds.

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