Kids Class
  • Music & Fun
*  It’s suggested to arrive 10min ahead of the time scheduled
Note: The schedule may be subject to changes and more classes may be added; we will keep you always updated.

Capoeira is great for kids!

It combines martial arts, gymnastics, music and dance and provides a fun but challenging workout. Thanks to its music component, children also learn to sing in Portuguese and play the traditional Capoeira instruments.

Our program is directed towards introducing kids to Capoeira and its multilateral aspects with lots of fun games. Children learn various important skills including discipline, loyalty, self-confidence and respect.

Every year our school will host an event (called “batizado”) with lots of capoeiristas from all over the world. In this occasion, according to the kids’ progress, they will be awarded with a new belt.

For the first classes, students can wear sweat pants and any t-shirt. Later on all students will be required to purchase our school uniform. We train in bare foot or martial-art/dance shoes.

First Class

  • Drop in

1 Class

  • Drop in

10 Classes

  • valid 4 months


Wellness Expert at The Center (Portman), on Nanjing Xi lu No. 1376 , 6th floor, Room 666.

南京西路1376号, 上海商城6楼, 近西康路
Subway: Jing’An Temple (line 2, 7)

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