Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai Interview with Bolacha and Biscoito

Instructora Bolacha (23):

I have been practicing capoeira for over 10 years now, since I was 11-years-old. I remember picturing myself doing everything that these people were doing with their bodies during an assembly demonstration at my elementary school and signed up for the program right away. I began training capoeira as an after school activity and fell in love with the art. I was quiet and shy growing up; capoeira has given me self-confidence and helped me overcome so many obstacles.

Everyone has a different story and journey in life. I have come to realize that my place on earth is to help others not only to teach others, but to also learn from anyone and everyone. To have a positive outlook and to dream big is my personal philosophy in life and this is only the beginning of what capoeira has offered me so far. All it takes is imaging your self doing something and that first step can make a huge difference. I cannot imagine where I would be if I did not sign up for this after school program to take capoeira. I believe this is faith and my calling in life to continue benefiting and growing from this beautiful art.


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Interview Joaninha from “Mandingueira” blog

Joaninha’s blog is everything you can expect from a good Capoeira blog, with stories about her own training experience, tips, cultural aspects of Capoeira… But this Canadian camara has chosen a feminist and feminine approach to our practice. She tracks mysogynistic song lyrics in our rodas, she fights the upper body strength myth in female […]

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Capoeira Blogs Review: Gringa Mansa

From Editor:
A French member of our group, Agathe “Requebra” Nougaret has reviewed for
us some popular blogs about Capoeira.
I hope you will find these blogs interesting and add them to your bookmarks.
Obrigado Requebra!

Sabrina’s life is driven by Capoeira, even if she can’t practice anymore. Her blog is a goldmine for those eager to find out […]

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