Schedule during May 1st Holidays

Hello everyone,

During the holidays (and related working weekends) the schedule will be as follow:
Saturday 27th: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Sunday 28th: 7:00pm-8:30pm
Monday 29th: 4:30pm-6:00pm
Tuesday and Wednesday CLASSES ARE CANCELLED
From Thursday May 2nd back to regular schedule, i.e. 8:10pm-9:40pm


Berimbau Bag in Shanghai: location corrections and changes

Maybe you already know about cheap berimbau bags in Shanghai, and here is updated information about it from our camara Birdie.

The address is 56 Lanxi Lu, not 55 Lanxi Lu, and the vendor number is 50.

There’s actually a better and faster way to get to the vendor: get out at FengQiaoLu (枫桥路) station on line 11, exit 3. Once outside, walk a few meters to the right on CaoYangLu and the market will be on your right hand side (takes 1-2 minutes). The #50 vendor will be on the right-hand side column and is one of the first vendors to appear from this entrance.

The ayi’s surname is Yu 俞, so call her “Yu Ayi” The phone number listed on the webpage is her home phone but it’s missing a “6”, it should be: 62160696. She has a cell phone now: 13564973872. She doesn’t speak any English so if someone wants to order a bag in English, they can e-mail her friend (who knows some English) at:

Her vendor opens around 9am and closes at 5pm.

Oh, and the bag’s price is increased to 30 rmb. Depending on the type of material and layers, the cost could be more. I asked for many layers and various fabrics, so mine was 55 rmb.

Press about us: “Rumbling with rhythm and rhyme”, Global Times

Global Times Newspaper LogoRumbling with rhythm and rhyme“, By Christian Lindberg.
Source: Global Times, November 19th 2010.

While kung fu can turn someone into a lethal weapon, it probably won’t do much for their dance moves. Fortunately for those hoping to add some swing to their self-defence there is the latest cultural export to explode out of Brazil: the indigenous martial art known as Capoeira. At a gym near Zhongshan Park you can find Capoeiristas practicing this acrobatic martial art. Every Saturday the doors of the gym are open to those who want to give this unique sport which combines music, dancing and self-defense a try. Currently there are around 40 men and women from all over the world taking part in Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai.

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From Gata with Love

Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai Batizado 2010My lovely capoeiristas!!

Thank you so much to be with me and appear in such a right moment of my life in China. Capoeira is like life philosophy which actually doesnt teach you what to do but leads you somehow into a right way.

And even though we dont know what is right or wrong way capoeira let me and us enjoy every moment with music and rhytm.

Answering on our dear contra mestre Cipo’s question what capoeira is for me us, I can say that its all about people and beautiful spirit. So, thanks to all people of our group, they supported me so much. Special appreciation our personal italian capoeira teacher Diego and capoeira guru Mandinga Cipo!

Enjoy of massive batizado week!!!
Love you!!!


Olele! Batizado升级考试来了,你准备好了吗?

Olele! Batizado升级考试来了,你准备好了吗?在这里先引用lena最喜欢的一句口头禅做个主题,也是很舍不得她去瑞典的,尽管因为她这个几年前申请的研究生奖学金在若干年后都已经被遗忘的情况下居然还能有效的情况咂舌外,我们还是很为她开心的,毕竟新的环境新的学习一切都是新的(据说那边的男生都是高高白白滴,嘿嘿)其他没有什么,身体保重哦。。。。Olele…..还有还有,我们的大帅哥Esperto也要回墨西哥了,古人云:天下无不散之筵席。身体保重too,呵呵~~~
最近我们都为了一年一度的BATIZATO奋战呢,也是我和刁哥头回参加,OPA OPA 🙂

每次BATIZATO之前,大当家都会请一些contra mestre来上海给我们集训一下,这次是墨西哥的CIPO老师,老师会和我们讲很多capoeira的故事和为什么要做这个动作,这些动作名字的由来,感觉就像是capoeira的文化课,所以对我们这些不是特别了解capoeira历史的学生来说能够更多的了解capoeira还是很开心的,特别现在上海本地的学生越来越多了,也是很好的趋势啊,大家OPA OPA 😉



Capoeira – You will like it!

Capoeira - You will like it! / Capoeira in Shanghai, China


其实肯定会有90%以上的人不知道CAPOEIRA为何物,简单的说CAPOEIRA在巴西的受热爱程度和大小皆知程度相当于中国功夫的地位,也是很厉害的哦,而且我都不知道该如何介绍这个运动亦或是舞蹈亦或是功夫技巧亦或是体操或者杂技之类的, 呵呵~~~~只有自己去看相关的视频才能了解更多,这里小的建议各位有兴趣的可以百度或者土豆一下,会真的喜欢上哦,如果你真的很感兴趣的话,哈哈~~~~~

是我现在就学的CAPOEIRA SHANGHAI的网站,有关的简单介绍都可以从里面得知,当然了里面也有相关的音乐,图片和视频也包括我哦,最近小的在勤学苦练8个月后拿到CAPOEIRA的最初级腰带,尽管是最最初级的,但是我仍然很高兴,因为我的辛苦和努力没有白费,当然还包括我家麻球,我们都拿到腰带了哦,这个是身份的象征啊,哈哈~~~~~


Miss train but not roda…

Kunshan capoeira trip. Should be at 9am, but train had not been waiting for me.

Even though it started later for me, I did not miss the main thing – RODA.

Special roda. Our strong team of capoeira beginners got the light green belts.

Open air, smell of green grass and genius capoeristas made this trip very cool.


Kunshan capoeira Trip / Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai