Permangola 2008: Third Agropecologica Meeting

Mestre Cobra Mansa, beyond being a mestre of Capoeira Angola, is also dedicated to the practice of permaculture at his farm in Valença, Bahia. He along with several other specialists will be hosting the first Agropercologica Meeting, an event which will combine agriculture, permaculture, ecological construction, and Capoeira Angola, at the farm this January.

The seed of Kilombo Tenonde was planted hundreds of years ago in the quilombos of Brasil.

Kilombo Tenonde recognizes the existence of new forms of oppression in modern, industrial society. By promoting the re-generation of creativity, thought, and purpose, Kilombo Tenonde provides a chance to rebuild community structures that have been eroded.

And here we are today!

“Permangola: The third Agropercologica Meeting” is a series of workshops that provides an introduction into alternative systems of construction, agriculture, energy and capoeira Angola here in Valenca,BA and the rest of the world. In this meeting, we will unveil the first practical steps towards achieving sustainability.


In agroecology, agroforest is one of the most effective methods of creating diversity in crops and green areas (i.e., forests) for food production.

Topics Include:

  • Types of agroforest
  • Organization and preparation of seeds and seedlings
  • On-site construction


Created in Australia during the 1970`s and presently used all over the worlds, permaculture combines traditional knowledge with new techniques to create permanent solutions while respecting the principles of nature.

Topics Include:

  • Design and landscaping
  • Water: Collection, storage, and recycling
  • Soil management


Using environmentally-friendly material (i.e., bamboo, adobe, recycled objects), bioconstruction combines technique with creativity in the development of homes, structures for food production, natural purification systems, plant and animal habitats, etc.

Topics include:

  • Bamboo: Use and management

What’s more… Come and learn how to use vegetable oil to transform your gas guzzling car!!!

  • Superadobe: Technique and construction
  • Water purification systems

When: January 15 – 21, 2008
Where: Kilombo Tenonde
Valenca Road BR
KM 23 (Bomfim)

Click here to see pictures of the Kilombo Tenonde in Valenca.

Cost for non-Brazilian: US$150 (Includes food and camp site)

* Please bring your own tent & sleeping bag
** Transportation from Salvador to Valença not included

Scott – Permaculture, Capoerista (USA)
Phil – Natural Construction, Capoeirista (USA)
Lua Santana – Agroforest, Mestre of Capoeira (Morro do Chapeu, BA)
Isabel Modenci – Bees, Capoeirista (Salvador, BA)
Paulo Feliciano – Constructor, Bread Maker, Horticultor (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
Dona Eliane – Natual Food (Salvador, BA)
Do – Agriculture, Permaculture (Valenca, BA)
Mestre Cobra Mansa – Permaculture, Mestre de Capoeira Angola (Salvador, BA)
Mestre Valmir Damasceno – Mestre de Capoeira Angola (Salvador, BA)
Mestre Jurandir Nascimento – Mestre de Capoeira Angola (Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Mestre Cobra Mansa
cobramansa (at) hotmail (dot) com
011 55 71 3217 4946

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