Capoeira trip to Brazil has been canceled

Unfortunately we have to announce the cancellation of the Brazil trip we were planning to have for July of this year. Due to this international crisis we are starting to notice a very low number of enrolment of people in all kinds of capoeira event. The capoeirando in Ilheus which normaly holds around 500 people this year had only 60! Considering that many of the participants of our event would be coming from USA, Europe and Asia (which are the most financially affected areas) and based on the response we have had up until now we think that canceling it is the best to to at the moment.

I apologise for the people that were already commited and want to tell you that if you are still planning to go ahead with your trip plans I will help you to connect with other events that will be happening in Brazil around that time.

On the other hand I am seriousely studing the possibility doing a small encounter at the California Brazil Camp in Cazadero this year and am already announcing an event that will take place in Ubatuba Brazil next year the weekend after carnival of 2010. That will be a music, dance and capoeira master camp. More info. Will be posted here in time.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Mestre Marcelo

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  1. What about a 4-day weekend of capoeira all together this summer ? We could try to organize our own capoeira trip to Zhejiang, Anhui, whatever…

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