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Capoeira is for men, women and children; the only ones who don’t learn it are those are those who don’t wish to.

— Mestre Pastinha

Eu sou discipulo que aprende, [I am a student that learns,]
E mestre que da licao. [And a master who teaches.]

— Old capoeira song

The flame of this beautiful art is now in your hands. You can dampen it, you can burn yourself or your brothers and sisters, or, afraid of its heat, you can let go of it. I hope that you take good care of your capoeira and kindle this fire alive and powerful, enlightening your life.

— Mestre Accordeon

We need to be in the actual life, the real life, because capoeira is fundamentally about the roda of life.

— Mestre Gato

My message is that they have to embrace capoeira with all their hearts because capoeira has a lot to offer to the people who dedicate themselves. The more you devote to capoeira, the more capoeira will return to you.

— Mestre Paulo

A good capoeirista of course likes everything of capoeira: the beats, the berimbau, the game; everything else is secondary. Today a lot of capoeiristas are very arrogant, vain and these are negative aspects. A good capoeirista is humble, polite and he knows that all the other capoeiristas are brothers and human beings.

— Mestre Suassuna

“Are we Angola or Regional ?”, a student once asked.
“The other kind,” said Marcelo, “We just play Capoeira.”

Tu tens problema em casa, nao vem resolver aqui..!
[If you have a problem at home, don’t come here (to the roda) to solve it..!]

— Mestre Brasilia

Capoeira is everything the mouth eats.

— Mestre Pastinha

This is a last one…

— Guerreiro

The impossibility of one person completely capturing capoeira, yet its potential to be touched by anyone are part of the balance of power and beauty of this magical art.

— Mestre Accordeon

…To win your love I tried mandinga
Learning capoeira ginga
Till I swept you off your feet
And faster set your heart to beat…

— After Verdade: By Nelson Rufino & Carlinhos Santana

Capoeira is joy, it is good humor, it is not that competition business; it is spontaneity.

— Mestre Suassuna

Capoeira is a game, it is dance, it is fight, it is of war and it is of peace, it is of culture, of music, it is a portion of things.

— Mestre Suassuna

Stupid is the capoeirista who lets himself be grabbed; even more stupid is he who grabs.

— Mestre Bimba

Capoeira won’t solve my problems – but i like it!

— Dave “Trombada” Hampson (from “Hotter Than Teppanyaki” band)

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  1. “The best time is now, the most beautiful space is inside your heart, the greatest virtue is the truth.”
    — Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha

  2. Capoeira anecdote from Rostislav Chebykin:

    — А ещё говорили, что капоэйра — бесконтактное единоборство…
    — Ну, если успевать уворачиваться — то бесконтактное.

    And translation from Chupa Teta’s Olga and Sinoeducator:
    — They say capoiera is a kind of non-contact martial art…
    — well… it is, in case you’re quick enough to escape those contacts!

  3. “when you strike with galopante , strike to break your own hand… when you kick with martelo , kick to break your own foot…. and when you throw , throw to break the ground ….”

  4. The roda is like a game of life. Once you are in it, anything can happen, it can make you laugh, cry, turn malicious or be kind. Capoeira humbles you because you cannot be the best forever. It is about acceptance, sharing and also challenging one another. A wise capoeirista should encourage sustainability and harmony.

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