New venue and schedule!

Starting from May 2nd, our classes will take place in a gym in Yan’An Xi Road n.358 (延安西路358号3楼), 3rd floor, near Nan Jing Xi Lu (between Nan Jing Xi lu and Zhenning Lu). It’s 15 minutes walking from Jing’An Temple Subway station: exit 1, walk on the underpass to Nan Jing Xi lu and then walk until you get to Yan’An Xi lu.

The map is here:   

We will have one extra class on Friday evening

 New Schedule (starting from May 2011):

  • Monday- 20:10-21:40 Intermediate Class
  • Tuesday- 20:10-21:40 Beginner Class
  • Wednesday- 20:10-21:40 Intermediate Class
  • Thursday- 20:10-21:40 Beginner Class
  • Friday- 20:10-21:40 Beginner Class
  • Saturday- 16:00-18:00 Open Class and Roda

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  1. oi, tudo bem,

    eu gostaria de saber se ai grupo de capoeira en nanjing.
    eu trabalho aqui na universidade e nao posso ir a shanghai
    todas as semanas.

    obrigada, geni

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