Workshop with contra mestre Espeto

Opa camaras!

Our friend Contra Mestre Espeto from Osaka will come to Shanghai on the 27th, 28th and 29th of March: it’s just three week from now!

It will be a full capoeira weekend with workshops on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. Further details will be communicated soon.

Price for the workshop will be 300rmb.

Capoeira Workshop Programupdated!

Please try to pay and confirm your participation as soon as possible.

Will be massive!

It could be that some capoeiristas from Beijing will come for this event: I’ll let you know how many, they’ll need a place where to stay.


About contra mestre Espeto

CM Espeto has been training in the art of Capoeira since 1994. He first started Capoeira in anouther Capoeira group.
– 1998 he was awarded the level of Instructor.
– 2001 Espeto moved to Japan and worked as a Stuntman for Universal Studios Japan. He taught Capoeira on his days off.
– 2002 Espeto officially started his own Capoeira School in Japan.
– 2004 Espeto teamed up with fellow Stuntman Blair Johnson and together they founded Powerarts International. In August 2004 they opened their first Academy in Osaka Japan.
– 2006 Espeto founded his group “Capoeira Força da Arte” and now is no longer associated with his former group or Mestre.
– 2007 Espeto was awarded the level of Conta Mestre by his Mentor and Capoeira Godfather Mestre Marcelo Caverinha (of Group Capoeira Manginga).
Espeto has performed Capoeira for 100’s of Events over the years.
Some of which being the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Australia’s Wonderland, Universal Studios Japan, Circus Soleil’s Cast n Crew party, Osaka Hilton Hotel and countless Night clubs, Television Shows and Concerts.
As well as Capoeira Espeto is a qualified Gymnastics and Fitness Instructor. He is also qualified in Senior First Aid, Pyrotechnics, Explosives, Firearms and is Instructor of various other sports, Martial Arts, Acrobatics and Tricking.
Espeto has dedicated his life to the learning, perfecting, performing and teaching of this beautiful art form, Capoeira.

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  1. So much axé ! Please don’t forget to send your pictures and videos to our beloved webmaster ! Thanks for the organization, camarás !

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