Video of the day: Roda/Participacao do Mestre Bimba

1954, Roda of Capoeira, one of the oldest film about Capoeira, with the participation Traíra, Curió, Nagé, Waldemar, Caiçara, Crispim, Bugalho and Mestre Bimba.

Uploader’s comment:

This for me is one of the most emotional feeling I ever felt! Enjoy it, Capoeira Lovers!

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Capoeira — Brazilian Dance, Music & Martial Arts

An introduction to the martial art Capoeira, featuring the Capoeira Mandinga Academy in Oakland, CA. An Expression Art College podcast.

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About third rule of Bimba

Moral: Remember rules of Mestre Bimba, especially rule no.3:

Quit smoking.
Quit drinking, alcohol is bad for your metabolism.
Do not show off your progresses to your friends outside the roda. Hold them back and surprise people with them in a fight.
Avoid conversation while training. Be quiet while in the academy and, by observing the other fighters, learn […]

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