Berimbau Manual


Mestre Suassuna playing the berimbau
Magnificent display of how the berimbau is such a cool musical instrument.

1. Introduction

Originally brought to Brazil in the 1500’s by Bantu slaves from Africa and used to accompany the famous dance called capoeira (a sort of a martial art were two fighters are training while berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque and agogo bells play the rhythm).

The berimbau was also a means of communication used by slaves to prevent being understood by their masters and is considered a sacred instrument.

Berimbau Manual

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“Capoeira Shanghai” lyrics

Shanghai tambem tem
Tem Capoeira
E o grupo qual e
E Capoeira Mandinga
(Solo sings then chorus repeats)

Capoeira globalizada
Nasceu como uma flor
No meio da China
E Capoeira de valor

Ohhhhh no parque Zhong-shang
Nao esquece de mandar
Um abraco pro Guerreiro
E o povo que esta la

Shanghai tambem tem
Entra pra jogar
Toca, canta e bate palma
Pra a roda animar

Written by Contra Mestre Batatinha

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