Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai

is the first Capoeira group in mainland China, founded by Professor Diego “Guerreiro” Pappalardo in 2007 and supervised by Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha (worldwide known for being the developer of Eddy Gordo’s movements at Tekken Game, one of the early students of Mestre Suassuna and founder of the international Capoeira Mandinga group, of Grupo Cordão de Ouro lineage).

Our group holds annual batizados, workshops and invited  international guests such us: CM Gugu, Mestre Xuxo, Mestre Primo, CM Janaina, Mestre Cabello.

Our community is integrated by the Chinese & expats that share the love for capoeira. Welcome to visit our group and meet our community anytime when passing by Shanghai.

Mandinga Shanghai is currently led by Instrutor Virtual (Nico Usé).

Nico was born in 1982 and has been passionate about sports since childhood, from being an acrobat at a circus school to rock-climbing, he has always been in search to mix creativity, freedom of movement and surpassing the limits. So when he discovered capoeira in 2008, it was instantly a hit.

Mestre Marcelo

Due to being technology savvy and an avid gamer, Nico received his apelido (Virtual) from Mestre Marcelo.

Learning from Professor Diego Guerreiro, he was developing his own style of capoeira for 7 years and then took the lead of the group in 2015. He graduated with the blue Instructor belt in 2019.