From Gata with Love

Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai Batizado 2010My lovely capoeiristas!!

Thank you so much to be with me and appear in such a right moment of my life in China. Capoeira is like life philosophy which actually doesnt teach you what to do but leads you somehow into a right way.

And even though we dont know what is right or wrong way capoeira let me and us enjoy every moment with music and rhytm.

Answering on our dear contra mestre Cipo’s question what capoeira is for me us, I can say that its all about people and beautiful spirit. So, thanks to all people of our group, they supported me so much. Special appreciation our personal italian capoeira teacher Diego and capoeira guru Mandinga Cipo!

Enjoy of massive batizado week!!!
Love you!!!


2 Replies to “From Gata with Love”

  1. With Love to You Gata! I am sure that you will continue practise capoeira at your new destination and will get another belt. I hope you will be fluent in Portugese also.
    And… I want to see you too someday
    Wish you Good Luck and Successes!!!!!


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