Cheap berimbau bag in Shanghai

UPDATE (January 8, 2012): Location corrections and changes.

If you want to get a simple, stylish and cheap bag for your berimbau (Diego, Macaquinho and I already have one), with a special section for the cabaça, you can have it made to order in a Chinese market’s stall (baazaar) located in Lanxi lu (near Caoyang lu). It’s just 25 yuan !

Address: CaoYang TieLu NongMao ShiChang, Lanxi lu 55 (near Caoyang lu). Caoyang Lu metro station.
曹杨铁路农贸市场, 兰溪路55号 (近曹杨路), 曹杨路地铁张.
See updated information here.

Map: GoogleMaps, or eDuShi (3d map)

You can go there by metro, line 3, CaoYang lu station, exit no.3.

Even if you can speak neither Mandarin nor Shanghainese, I have put a picture of the bag on the shop’s wall, so you can just point at it and A-yi will make it for you.

You can also call A-yi (6210696) or her son (15921716705) on the phone to order in Mandarin or Shanghainese.

Thanks Requebra for the help

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  1. Opa,
    Thanks for the map Chupa teta it was very useful, one tip: the number is not 55 but 47 on LanXi Lu, it’s opposite of the street. You enter the baazar and at first it’s only food. Go a little further to the number 50 and there you are !

    My Berimbau is a bit bigger than expected so my bag is too short, if anyone interested in, tell me it’s only 25 RMB and so I can ask her to make a new one. Otherwise I’ll try to ask her to enlarge the bag a bit (with Chupa Teta’s help of course)

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