Berimbau Bag in Shanghai: location corrections and changes

Maybe you already know about cheap berimbau bags in Shanghai, and here is updated information about it from our camara Birdie.

The address is 56 Lanxi Lu, not 55 Lanxi Lu, and the vendor number is 50.

There’s actually a better and faster way to get to the vendor: get out at FengQiaoLu (枫桥路) station on line 11, exit 3. Once outside, walk a few meters to the right on CaoYangLu and the market will be on your right hand side (takes 1-2 minutes). The #50 vendor will be on the right-hand side column and is one of the first vendors to appear from this entrance.

The ayi’s surname is Yu 俞, so call her “Yu Ayi” The phone number listed on the webpage is her home phone but it’s missing a “6”, it should be: 62160696. She has a cell phone now: 13564973872. She doesn’t speak any English so if someone wants to order a bag in English, they can e-mail her friend (who knows some English) at:

Her vendor opens around 9am and closes at 5pm.

Oh, and the bag’s price is increased to 30 rmb. Depending on the type of material and layers, the cost could be more. I asked for many layers and various fabrics, so mine was 55 rmb.