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This Saturday: Bring your Batizado pictures

Oi Camaras,

This saturday after our massive O’Malley show, Chupa Teta and I are going to collect pictures you may have taken during Batizado/workshop so please bring your camera/SD card/usb flash drive and give us your nicest (we will have a laptop).

We will sort the pictures and post it on the website, for sure the […]

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Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai Promo Video

If you couldn’t see this video, please try mirrors on:


Made by Virtual

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Workshop and massivities…

Ola Camaras,

In order to help our web-mestre to deal with all this pictures and videos, I’ll try to gather as many as possible.

I’ll take my computer in the coming trainings so you can bring your camera+cable/U-Drive/CD… to put them on it.

Also if you forgot to bring your pics in the gym you can upload your […]

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Why you should try Capoeira

I heard so many times “I am not flexible” or “You know, I am not exactly the kind of big muscles guy”… And so what, it’s not a problem!

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art: it is about dancing, is about music and finally it is about communicating.  There is no need to be sporty, flexible or whatever. […]

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New photos: In the classroom

New photo gallery has been added — In the classroom.

You can find in the Media section all our photos and videos. As you can see in this album, capoeira training is not only playing the roda, we also sing, practice instruments, and learn a lot about the capoeira culture.

Contents: Contra Mestre Batatinha, Instrutor Marcão, […]

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