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How to practice for Mortal

Oi Everybody,

I’d like to share a video for those interesting in practicing back-flips and other mortals…

Don’t practice by yourself: ask the help of other capoeiristas who know the technic and can help you. As said in the video, use a “trained” person to help you! Please watch the video until the end since they are some interesting stuff […]

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Batizado 2010 Photos

Pictures of our Batizado are online!
Check the photo gallery: http://www.capoeirashanghai.com/media/batizado-2010-the-pictures


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Batizado is coming, invite your friends! [+中文]

Oi Capoeiristas,

Batizado is coming and our camara Adam prepared a cool flyer for the massivities on Saturday 11th, so don’t waste time and invite your friends to our Troca de Cordao and Latina Party: Maculele, Coco, Roda… 170 RMB all you can eat delicious bbq and 2 free caipirinhas!

You can download the e-flyer here

Visiting capoeiristas, […]

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Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai – Batizado 2010 Program

Download Batizado 2010 Program (PDF)

Friday 10th of September


Workshop at Stargym Wuyi Lu n.777, 2F, by Zhongshan Xi Lu 武夷路777号, 2楼

After class, dinner at Bistro Burger, 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu, 富民路 291 号 1楼,近长乐路

Saturday 11th of September

Workshop at Stargym Wuyi Lu n.777, 2F, by Zhongshan Xi Lu 武夷路777号, 2楼


Batizado and Troca de […]

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Ke Center Performance

2 Videos from the show of the students of Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai at the Ke Center theatre:

First the Roda

Then the Batucada



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ZhongShan Park roda, May 1st

Opa Camaras,

Enjoy the video from our roda in ZhongShan Park on May 1st!!



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Trip to Kunshan

Oi Camaras,

The pictures from our trip to Kunshan are online, please check here →

Congratulations to Dalila, Gata, Matrioshka, Falcão and Rino for their new Cordão.


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Brazilian Carnival at Latina: The Pictures!

More photos here.

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Capoeira Mandinga Promo

Check out our promotional video and pictures:

Contact Diego: capoeirashanghai@yahoo.com

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form that mixes music, dance and gymnastics with its fighting components. Its beauty, fluidity and explosive gravity-defying movements have taken the world by storm. Capoeiristas can be found in movies, television ads, music concerts (Cantonese pop star Denise Ho hired Axe […]

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Brazilian Day rodas video (Shanghai, 2009)

Roda and capoeira show at Shanghai Brazilian Day 2009 during Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai II Annual Batizado.

Lo-fi quality video (faster):


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