About Capoeira

What is Capoeira? Where does it comes from?

Capoeira took its roots in Brazil in the 1600s

Capoeira is the only indigenous American martial art, it was developed by African slaves in Brazil. Capoeira began to take form amongst the community of slaves that worked on the sugar cane plantations, the docks and various other slave works. It became a strong weapon in the life and death struggle against their oppressors. When the owners of the sugar cane fields realized the power of capoeira, they began to punish those who practiced it, sometimes with death. Capoeiristas learned to camouflage the forbidden fight with singing and clapping as though it were simply entertainment.The fight was disguised behind the dance – a dance that could be as graceful as a panther and as treacherous as a snake. Mestre Bimba, with his good will and love of the art was able to take capoeira from being forbidden by law and transformed it into Brazil’s national sport. He along with Mestre Pastinha was the first to open schools and the capoeira tree grew, spreading its branches across the world.Capoeira is an art form and self-defense; with strong aerobic and dance elements. It is a harmony of forces that gives you power, flexibilty, endurance and self-discovery. Capoeira balances the body, soul and mind. It is a graceful, exciting art form that teaches you to be alert. The art keeps its strong traditions and enables you to break through limits, revitalizing you for everyday life.

About our group

We have been training since 2005

The first capoeira Group established in China

Everything started at the end of the year 2005: a few capoeiristas started to meet on the weekends in Luxun Park, weather permitting. In the 3 years since then what was once spontaneous training in the park between a few enthusiasts has grown into a proper capoeira group, which has on several occasions invited instructors from all over the world to come and teach. The person responsible for keeping capoeira alive in Shanghai has been Diego “Guerreiro”: in October 2007 he invited Mestre Marcelo to come to Shanghai for a workshop,and Capoeira Shanghai became part of Mestre’s international group, Capoeira Mandinga. Contra Mestre Cipo’, Contra Mestre Batatinha and Instrutor Marcão have all taught in Shanghai, contributing greatly to the development of capoeira here, and helping our students prepare for this event – The First Annual Batizado of Capoeira Mandinga Shanghai!

About Mandinga

We are Capoeira Mandinga, what does it mean?

Mandinga is a powerful, meaningful word

Mandinga in the capoeira environment means, amongst many things, the hidden power that one has to disguise their real intention and to trick the opponent. It is a way to invoke some forces to blur the opponent’s vision of reality almost like hypnotizing him/her into a trance-like state so that they can’t see what is coming. It can also be magic like a trick that confuses and distracts the opponent. However, much more than any of the above meanings the word mandinga have a very special meaning as a way of referring to capoeiristas that are very expressive in their game and know how to embellish their jogo* with beautiful and impressive gestures. These gestures are sometimes very theatrical, sometimes like a primitive dance, and sometimes imitating all kinds of animals (e.g. monkey, jaguar, snake, eagle, bull, and many others).

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